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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Heavy Metal: Choosing an Articulation System

  AAA Dental Studio’s main ambition is creating quality veneers and crowns.  Therefore, all business decisions are focused on how to create the best dental restoration/ prosthetic products possible for our clients.  Our choice of articulators is something that directly affects our ability to meet that ambition.  Articulators allow lab technicians to recreate the movement of a patient’s bite and create accurate prosthetic work in the […]

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What is the AAA Dental Studio Blog?

We are AAA Dental Studio, Omaha’s leader in Dental Laboratory Technology.  We have been in business for over 30+ years and work with Omaha’s finest Dentists and Dental Practices. Our expert staff is able to provide unparalleled customer service combined with a full range of products including: PFM, Zirconia, E.Max Press, Full Cast Crowns, Implants, and much more. You can be confident our 100+ years of […]

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