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Heavy Metal: Choosing an Articulation System

Semi & Fully-adjustable articulators


AAA Dental Studio’s main ambition is creating quality veneers and crowns.  Therefore, all business decisions are focused on how to create the best dental restoration/ prosthetic products possible for our clients.  Our choice of articulators is something that directly affects our ability to meet that ambition.  Articulators allow lab technicians to recreate the movement of a patient’s bite and create accurate prosthetic work in the absence of the patient.  At AAA Dental Studio, we have a variety of articulators on hand, such as simple-hinge plastic, simple-hinge brass, semi-adjustable (pictured above left), and fully-adjustable.  However, the majority of our work is done on simple-hinge brass articulators.

Many factors have to be considered when choosing an articulation system.  When our lab receives enough material to recreate a bite using a semi or fully-adjustable articulator, we favor use of these adjustable ones over the more simple kind.  Adjustable articulators provide the most realistic and accurate condylar movement.  If only a basic impression is provided, we must decide whether to use the simple brass or plastic articulators.  Choosing between these two forms of articulator often comes down to the preference of the lab technician or dentist.  Use of simple plastic articulators is becoming quite common in the dental lab field because they are quicker to build and less-expensive to transport.  Our preference at AAA Dental remains with the older, more reliable brass models such as Keystone Apex #2.  We mainly use this type because we appreciate their durability and stability.  Another plus is that they are reusable, creating less waste and decreasing our environmental impact.  

At AAA Dental Studio, we continue to use standard brass articulators because of their sturdy construction and reliable, no-fuss performance.  This commitment to quality and tradition allows us to continue creating the greatest accuracy in our work, saving dentists valuable chair-side adjustment time and providing better oral-health outcomes for their patients. 

**Please help us recycle our brass articulators by returning them in a timely fashion**

Simple-hinge plastic articulator

Simple hinge brass articulator




Simple-hinge plastic articulator (Left),  Simple-hinge brass articulator (Right)


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