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Dental Studio Nebraska Technology

Our technicians are leaders in dental laboratory technology. They maintain their leadership through involvement in dental industry organizations, and participation in nationally recognized certification, and continuing education programs. They are premier performers dedicated to your practice of dentistry and your patients' oral health.

"We create the magic of the smile through the artistic mediums of wax, color, and glass." Lee Culp, CDT

Model Room - Intake of impression from your doctor. The negative image of the impression is made into a positive image using a dental water based “stone”. It is mounted on an “articulator”, which acts as a replica of your mouth.

Wax Room - We use the Lost Wax method of casting, in which a wax replica of the dental prosthesis is made using the “model” created we created from the doctor’s impression. A mold is then created around the wax; through a “casting oven” the wax is melted out and burns away, leaving an empty mold.
Metal Casting - We use the method known as “Centrifugal Casting” (or spin casting). Centrifugal force carries the metal or plastic into the far reaches of the mold. Because the centrifugal force acts to increase the pressure on the casting material, castings with relatively thin parts can be made.
Metal Finishing - The previously cast metal is sandblasted to clean all residue of the “mold” from it. Then all rough edges and excess metal is ground off to create an “even fitting “ and is ready to receive porcelain. Or in the case of a gold crown, the metal is polished to a high shine, cleaned, and sent to your doctor.

Porcelain Room - Building or “sculpting” of the porcelain forms. These are done on top of the ceramic or metal substructures created in the Wax Room. The porcelain is “built” in layers and fired in a high temperature oven multiple times, until a desired size and shape is achieved, the crown is then polished and glazed.

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