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Dental Studio Nebraska Materials

Revolutionary Material, Revolutionary Esthetics

These are the positives and negatives of the various materials our dental lab uses.

  • Pressable Ceramics - The process of melting porcelain into the form of a crown.
    + The ultimate in esthetics. (more translucency, better color matches)
    - Not as durable as PFM’s. (no metal understructure)

Authentic® - www.microstarcorp.com

IPS Empress® Esthetics and IPS Eris® - www.ivoclarvivadent.us.com 

  • Porcelain Fused to Metal - The building of porcelain on metal substructures
    + Very durable. (has a high level of flexibility, color stability, impact strength, as porcelain is stronger than your natural teeth)
    + Still great esthetics.
    + Can cover wide areas, perfect for bridges.
    - Not as much transluancy.

Brite Gold® - www.ivoclarvivadent.us.com 

Endurance® - www.jensenindustries.com

Bio-C® - www.sterngold.com

Creation Porcelain System® - www.jensenindustries.com

IPS d.SIGN® - www.ivoclarvivadent.us.com

  • Composite Crown
    - The indirect composite that combines strength, beauty and versatility.
    +Very adaptable to opposing teeth.
    + Great for inlays and onlays, veneers, and single units.
    - Cannot do large span bridges

Sinfony™ - www.3MESPE.com

  • Gold Crown - Gold based alloy cast and polished to resemble a natural tooth
    + Soft gold makes for a comfortable fit. (great for inlay abutments, veneer crowns and short-span bridges)
    + Last forever.
    + Contoured like a natural tooth and blends in with natural colors.
    - Does not match shades of teeth. (gold color)

JRVT® - www.jensenindustries.com

Wilcast 58® www.crowndentalworks.com/gold_content.html

Rajah® - www.heraeus-kulzer-us.com

Important patient information:

Identalloy is a national standard for alloys to be used in dental prosthesis. Due to allergens caused by foreign elements, it is important to be aware of what metals are to be used by your dentist. Be sure to ask your dentist what metal he intends to use with you, the following are the National Categories of metals.




High Noble - Nobel Metal of 60%or greater precious metal content. At least 40% must be gold. (Highest quality metal; AAA Dental uses these metals unless otherwise requested)

Noble - Noble metal content of at least 25% precious metal content.

Predominantly Base - Noble metal content is less than 25% precious metal content. (Although most commonly used, lowest quality metal)

Noble metals include gold, platinum and palladium. Look for these trade marks to identify certified Identalloy materials.

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